Steering and suspension

Does your car handle as well as it used to?

Good suspension will enable you to enjoy your time on the road by minimising bumps along the way. The suspension not only absorbs bumps but also ensures the tyres have firm contact with the road, for effective driving, steering and braking. There can be many problems related to the suspension of a car beyond what can sometimes be a bumpy ride.

Contact Mobile Automotive Solutions if your car displays any of these signs:

  • Car sinks forward when braking
  • Tyres are unusually worn or worn out quickly
  • Shock absorbers leaking oil
  • Excessive body role around corners

Suspension repairs include:

  • Replace bent or damaged struts
  • Replace fluid if applicable
  • Replace saggy springs
  • Replace bushing
  • Replace ball joints
  • Replace shock absorbers
  • Replace sway bar links and d-bushes
  • Replace bump stops
  • Replace strut tops or strut top bearings

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