Pre-purchase Inspections

Thinking of buying a second hand car and don’t want someone else’s problems to become yours?Mobile Automotive Solutions provides a reliable, professional and objective pre-purchase inspection to ensure you avoid nasty surprises associated with buying a second hand vehicle.

Modern motor vehicles are highly computerised and very complex which means problems can lie below the surface and are often not evident to the untrained eye. Although the car may appear nice and well maintained to you, it is very difficult to identify any structural damage without a vehicle inspection. How can you know just by looking at the cars exterior whether a car has been in an accident? A qualified mechanic will provide you with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

Depending on your budget, a pre-purchase inspection can include:

  • A vehicle test drive
  • Full mechanical inspection
  • Engine and body visual inspection
  • Inspection under the bonnet and inside the vehicle using diagnostics equipment

Paying for a pre-purchase inspection is a small upfront cost that can end up saving you thousands in the long run and prevent you from buying a dangerous or unsafe car. Contact Mobile Automotive Solutions to ensure you are making the most informed decision about your potential purchase.

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