Minor and Major Service

Timely Servicing: The Key to Vehicle Longevity

Streamline Your Vehicle's Performance: Minor and Major Services

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential not only for ensuring optimal performance but also for prolonging the life of your car. Whether it’s been over 12 months since your last service or you’ve reached a new milestone in mileage, adhering to your vehicle’s specific service intervals is crucial. While modern vehicles may offer longer periods between services, following the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is vital to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. This can prevent damage to mechanical and electrical components, saving you from potentially costly repairs.

Comprehensive Care for Your Vehicle

Major Car Service

Our Major Car Service is meticulously designed to cover all the crucial aspects of your vehicle’s health, ensuring it runs smoothly and reliably. This extensive service includes:

  • Test Drive: To evaluate the car’s overall performance and detect any issues.
  • Replace Engine Oil and Oil Filter: Fresh oil and a new filter are essential for protecting the engine and maintaining performance.
  • Lubricate Door Hinges: Keeps doors moving smoothly and quietly.
  • Comprehensive Safety Inspection: Checks all safety-related components to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.
  • Check for Oil Leaks: Identifies and addresses any leaks to prevent potential engine damage.
  • Replace Air Filter Element and Fuel Filter: Keeps your engine running efficiently by ensuring clean air and fuel flow.
  • Replace Spark Plugs: Essential for optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Suspension and Brake System Check: Ensures a smooth ride and effective braking.
  • Clean and Adjust Rear Shoes; Adjust Handbrake: For reliable stopping power.
  • Check Charging System; Cooling System Pressure Test: Ensures electrical components and engine cooling are functioning correctly.
  • Check Idle and Tune; Check Clutch Operation; Check Ignition Timing: Fine-tunes the engine for optimal performance.

Essential Maintenance for Every Vehicle

Minor Car Service

Our Minor Car Service focuses on the essentials, ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition without the need for a comprehensive overhaul. This service includes:

  • Replace Engine Oil and Oil Filter: Essential maintenance for engine protection.
  • Adjust Tyre Pressure: For optimal fuel efficiency and tyre longevity.
  • Safety Inspection: To identify and address any potential safety concerns.
  • Clean and Adjust Rear Shoes; Lubricate Door Hinges: Ensures brakes and doors are in good working order.
  • Check for Oil Leaks; Adjust Handbrake: Prevents damage and ensures safety.
  • Clean Air Filter Element: Maintains engine efficiency and performance.
  • Test Drive; Check Suspension: Identifies any issues with handling and comfort.
  • Check Charging System; Cooling System Pressure Test: Guarantees the reliability of electrical systems and engine cooling.
  • Top Up All Levels; Check Lights; Check Brake System: Ensures all fluids are at optimal levels and all lights and brakes function correctly.

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