Is your car running hot or over heating? Overheating can cause extensive damage to your car’s engine and overall functioning especially if the problem is not repaired as quickly as possible. Cars can overheat for a number of reasons, most frequently because coolant is leaking, thermostat is damaged or the radiator is damaged or blocked. To maintain your car’s cooling system and keep it from producing further damage to the engine, contact Mobile Automotive Solutions. Mobile Automotive Solutions can repair your radiator and cooling system at your home, office or preferred location at a time convenient for you.
Repairs and services conducted by Mobile Automotive Solutions on Radiators and Cooling Systems include:
  • Replace or recondition radiator
  • Replace top and bottom radiator hose
  • Replace heater hoses
  • Replace thermostat
  • Bleed the air from the cooling systems
  • Replace water pump
  • Replace radiator cap
  • Replace drive belt
  • Replace viscous cup link

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